Sixth Form

Bedelsford School provides Sixth Form education for students with a range of learning difficulties. Students have access to a three year curriculum including Functional skills in Maths, English and ICT, Life Skills, Vocational Education, Sport and Leisure. We offer a nationally recognized qualification, providing a broad and varied practical based curriculum. The Moving On curriculum is designed for young adults with a wide range of learning difficulties, with an emphasis on life skills and vocational studies to support young people into adult life. Moving On is organised into five programmes of study with each programme incorporating subject areas taken from three courses of study: World studies, Life Skills and Vocational studies.

Since joining Orchard Hill College Academy Trust in April 2016, we are continuing to develop our working links. We have strong and active links with Nescot College where students work on a range of subjects towards qualifications in work and independence which are in turn accredited through Ascentis. All students have access to work related learning via an internal Work Experience programme

The accommodation comprises of two classrooms in the newly refurbished 1st floor of Bedelsford School, one of which can be divided into two separate classes to allow for working in smaller groups. Students also have access to the full range of facilities in the school which includes sensory rooms, music room, physiotherapy gym, sports hall, design technology room, food technology room, hydrotherapy pool and outdoor facilities.

There is particular focus on developing communication, independence, confidence and life skills in preparation for adult life. A strong element of our work is the use of community and off-site facilities. We are ideally located for instant access to Kingston town and facilities that other schools wish for. In terms of offering ‘real’ and practical experience there is no substitute to getting out there and doing it!

“Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced.” John Keats