Sapphire Class

Sapphires Class is one of four classes in our secondary school. We are a lovely group of young adults who are very lively, energetic, vocal and who love learning. They are ably supported by a group of talented teaching assistants who encourage and assist them to develop their learning as well as their independence and social skills.

In Sapphire Class, we are working very hard to extend our ability to communicate our needs and with each other. We use a range of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) including individual communication books like PODD as well as communication aids and systems, such as the PCS system and Makaton signing.

We are also working on our independence skills as we are becoming young teenagers such as developing our self- help and mobility skills.

Sapphires are a lovely group of secondary.  We love to be energetic to the best of our abilities and enjoy starting our day with a meditation and individual work tasks including writing, typing and reading skills.

The class works hard on their individual learning intentions over the school week in all their lessons such as Literacy, Numeracy and Science. This term we are focussing on number skills and shape, space and measure using a range of resources such as Numicon and our environment to help our understanding and learning.  We have two Literacy groups, one group reading “Elmer and the Rainbow” and the other group reading a chapter book “Shadow Jumper”.  The pupils are enjoying these two stories and working on activities linked to these stories.

We have enjoyed finding out about the seasons and the weather.  In our Science lessons, we are exploring rainbow colours, shadows, light and dark, magnets and electricity.

In MFL we are enjoying Italian and in RE we are learning about Festivals of Light namely Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas.