Quartz Class

Quartz is a class of seven inspirational and remarkable students who have a range of profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

Our approach is child centred and a thematic PMLD curriculum allows students to explore the world through their senses. All students are given the opportunity to learn yet have fun in a safe and secure environment. The activities are built around individual learning goals and students are allowed to achieve at their own pace. A personalised system of augmented and alternative communication (AAC) is used to enable the development of expressive and receptive communication skills. Students also explore their wider community through trips and local outings and their creativity is enhanced through workshops and visits from artists. Our students continuously strive to develop skills which can be used not just in class but transferred into their everyday ‘real life’ experiences.

I want my child to be happy, to be loved to be safe and secure. I want them to be accepted for who they are. I want my child to dream big and know the thrill and satisfaction that comes from hard work. I want them to have the courage to try and sometimes fail. At the end of the day I want my child to know that they have made the world a little better than when they started out. (Light and McNaughton 2015)