Meerkats Class

We are the Foundation Class of the Early Years Department at Bedelsford School and we have fun learning through play with our friends, supported and nurtured by an amazing staff team.

In Meerkats Class we learn and practice our early skills in communication, social interaction and awareness, and how to develop our physical skills. In addition to this we use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to underpin our learning, which is adapted creatively to meet our own individual and personal needs. We work closely with parents and relevant professionals to ensure sensitive and smooth transitions into school, highlighting that a positive child-centred community is essential to individual learning, development and wellbeing.

We use iPads to record our learning using electronic observation tools with which we can attach observations, developmental assessment criteria and annotated photographs to demonstrate how much we enjoy coming to school. These are collated at the end of each year into our very own and special learning journey.

We are sympathetically introduced into our whole school community experiences, joining and taking part in assemblies and sharing play and daily collective celebration sessions within the Primary Department. In balance, we ensure that every child’s needs are holistically met, and promote free exploration in play and activities, peppered with short focus opportunities where we have the opportunity to learn from others around us. We have the benefit of a spacious and stimulating classroom, with our own quiet sensory room attached, and a safe and motivating outdoor play space, where we can extend our learning seamlessly into an outside environment.

We have our own topic cycle independent from the rest of the school. This runs on a three yearly cycle and incorporates exciting and motivating opportunities to learn across all seven areas of the EYFS.

This term we are focusing on classic children’s books.  We have been reading Goldilocks and The 3 Bears and The 3 Little Pigs and this has allowed us to look further into the different sort of houses we live in and what they are made of.  We have explored many textures and temperatures which has given us lots of opportunities to use our senses and our independence.  We are currently learning about the changes in the seasons and as we get closer to Christmas we are preparing for our Nativity performance at the end of the Autumn Term.

In the Spring term we will be focusing our learning on animals, looking at pets, farm animals and wild and woodland animals.  This is an exciting opportunity for us to visit local farms and host visits from people who look after animals.