Lions Class

Lions Class have been working hard this term.  We have been learning about 3D shapes and fractions (making pizzas and dividing them into halves and quarters).  Some of the children have been introduced to Colourful Semantics which we are using to build sentences in Literacy.

Diwali has been our theme for RE, we have been making candle holders out of clay and we are looking forward to making decorations and cakes for a Diwali party with Hippo Class.

This term mat and movement groups have been introduced two mornings a week where we are developing our gross motor skills. Our new swimming teacher is getting on well with our children who are all enjoying their swimming sessions.

Lions Class were a hit at Harvest Festival with their dancing to music and are looking forward to providing a sensory experience for our Christmas celebrations.

Lions Class are very active.  Max loves playing football, Harry and Subieh like cricket, Mathews enjoys dancing, Querida loves to run, Solomon likes to listen to stories about Superheros, Thomas and Younus get very excited listening to music and Michael helps tidy the classroom.