Hippo Class

Hippos have had a great start to the academic year; our topic this term is ‘Colours/light and dark’.  Our shared texts this term are Elmer and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt; we have combined a range of art activities into this theme.  We will be focusing on one colour per week, which will be incorporated in a cross-curricula approach.

We are also using the topic ‘Colours/light and dark’ to celebrate seasonal festivities.  This will give us hands-on and interactive ways to develop our understanding of Autumn.  Over the course of the term we will be going in to the local community to observe a range of seasonal changes to the environment.  So far this year we have collected leaves and explored different colours, textures and sizes of leaves.  Later in the term we will be celebrating Diwali by learning about the different colours used during this festive period.  We will also use our senses by preparing and tasting food; as well as listening to a variety of celebratory sounds typically heard during Diwali.

Over the course of the term we will send home a weekly newsletter to share and celebrate our achievements and hard work across the week.