Giraffes Class

Our lovely Giraffe class is in the primary department of Bedelsford School and most of the students are in key stage two. We are enjoying settling into our new classroom and we love our fantastic outside area, which we use as often as we can throughout the curriculum.

We use a total communication approach in our class, with a mixture of symbols, Makaton signs, objects of reference, switches, verbal communication and any other means that we find may help each individual student develop intentional communication.

We use very multi-sensory methods in order to immerse the students in what they are learning. We benefit from a lot of messy play during which we can experience and explore various media, build our confidence with encountering new situations and have fun and motivating opportunities to learn language, social skills and thinking skills.

Our speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy targets are incorporated throughout the curriculum so that we can learn to apply these skills in real life situations and generalise this learning. Our attention skills are aided by having short, intensive sessions with regular movement breaks in between.

This year we are looking forward to our topics on ‘My Local Town’, ‘Food and Exercise’ and ‘Sea Life and Pirates’.