Elephants Class

Hello and a very warm welcome to Elephants Class! We are the transition class between the Early Years Department and the Primary Department at Bedelsford School. We have a play based approach to our learning which is centred around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.

In Elephants Class, we are getting ready to go into our primary classes. This means that we have lots of fun learning through play whilst also taking part in many of the routines and activities that the Primary Department undertake.

We have been really busy this term with our learning and we’re gathering lots of evidence for our learning journeys. These are electronically recorded using a special iPad observation app which allows the grown-ups in our class to annotate our learning and to link to developmental assessment criteria. We also have half-termly individual learning intentions which pull our targets from our EHCP or Annual Reviews and targets from the Early Years Foundation Stage. We spend lots of time learning new skills and try our best to apply these to everything we do!

We follow the Bedelsford School Early Years Department topic cycle. This means that we follow the same topic cycle as our friends in Meerkats but we experience these topics in a slightly different way. We are learning all about ‘Growing’ this term and will be using lots of different books and resources to support us with our learning. We’re having lots of fun learning all about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and are really excited about all of the different fruits and foods we can try and learn about. We are also going to visit RHS Wisley over the next couple of weeks to support our understanding of growing and change. We will visit the butterflies and explore how very hungry caterpillars grow into butterflies!