Diamond Class

Welcome to Diamond Class!

We are a mixed KS3 and KS4 class. It has been a busy start to the year with all pupils in this class now taking accredited courses. The pupils are working hard on their ASDAN, OCR and Entry Level Science accreditations as well as their national curriculum targets.

In the Spring term our topic is Healthy Living, and the pupils have enjoyed learning about food from around the world. We are looking forward to continuing our theme by exploring the ideas behind fair trade and making some delicious recipes with Fair Trade ingredients. In RE the pupils have enjoyed exploring what Science and Religion says about the origins of our planet. We look forward to learning about the significance of food in various religious festivals and continuing to explore healthy eating and balanced diet in our Science lessons.

Diamond class has been focussing this term on developing life and living skills in correlation with our OCR and ASDAN accreditations. The pupils have enjoyed selecting recipes and sourcing the necessary equipment and ingredients from Kingston’s shops. We particularly enjoyed following the recipes to make our own school dinners. In art lessons we have been working on designing, evaluating and implementing patterns using fruit and vegetable printing.